Parrots are very complex creatures, and so they behave. Unfortunately the needs of the parrots are disregarded very often. The result of that are deranged and mental as well as physical ill animals.

Thereby the problem of keeping parrots solitary plays a extraordinary important role. Reading statements like "Kept solitary especially young birds get quite tame." (Arndt 1986) or "Solitary kept birds can get very tame, and some of them even learn to speak a few words. (Pinter 1992; annotation: these two quoted statements really referred to Lineolated Parakeets) inexperienced bird owners are even encouraged, to force those chummily and social animals into a life of loneliness.

As for every parrot also for the Lineolated Parakeets solitary keeping has to be considered as absolutely unacceptable!!!
Keeping parrots with other parrots, that are foreign to their species, therefore is also a kind of solitary keeping, because that might lead to insurmountable communication problems and thereby to massive behaviour disorder.

Another problem of the Lineolated Parakeet is their small size and initially reserved nature. In spite of that a Lineolated Parakeet needs as every parrot besides at least one conspecific partner a sufficient large accommodation and a lot of activity.

Werner Lantermann writes in his publication "Keeping experiences with Lineolated Parakeets" (Gefiederte Welt 1/2002): If you abstain from the common pairwise keeping in small aviaries or breeding boxes and rather observe the Lineolated Parakeets in a group in a sufficiently dimensioned aviary, inevitably the feeling will come up, that these birds might present some surprises for animal-sociological investigations.

I experienced that as well. Because of ignorance I kept my first couple of Linnies in a standard cage. Due to shortage of space their movements were seriously limited. They looked quite lazy and tired. According to observations like these statements of "parrot experts", that Lineolated Parakeets are boring, spiritless birds, were born.

But now I experience every day, that this is a baseless rumour. The parakeets show a manifold and social based behaviour, and I often sit there for hours just watching the hustle and bustle of my flock.

Also Wagner (1998) could do that kind of observations: "In my opinion you should accommodate several Lineolated Parakeets in spacious aviaries or large cages, because you can't do all that observations in small breeding boxes, in which most of the Lineolated Parakeets are kept most of the time. But in aviary keeping the Lineolated Parakeets are very playful and active companions, who notice everything going on in their environment. Though there are little conflicts and disagreements in a group of several birds sometimes, which can be avoided by hanging hemp ropes or fresh branches for gnawing, for instance. In my opinion, in breeding boxes their vitality can't show to advantage, in contrast to an aviary.