Diary of a Chick

The first egg lay in the nest box of one of the Lineolated Parakeet couples of Regina Graf on the 10th of July 2002 . The next egg followed two days later, the third and fourth again two and four more days after the second one. Unfortunately the lastly laid egg was destroyed by accident. The third egg was unfertilised. After 21 brood days in both cases two chicks hatched. The older one was christened Maxi. Its development from egg to adult bird is described here.
Many thanks to Regina for these fantastic photos.

Eggs The clutch on the 14th of July. The eggs are marked coloured, to ascertain the exact incubation time.
You can see the capillary veins in this candled egg quite clear. Egg
Hatching Day Hatching Day
Maxi made it. Hatching after 21 days on the 31st of July.
The hen gathers under the wing.
Hen with chick
The second chick Likewise, the second chick hatches after 21 days. Unfortunately it died seven days later.
The two chicks on the 3rd of August. Chicks
Chicks Maxi (left) at the age of eight days. He weighs 17 gram now. On the right the younger chick at the age of six days.
Maxi on the 7th of August. Maxi
Maxi Weight gain:
08.August 18g
09.August 20g
10.August 24g
11.August 29g
12.August 30g
Maxi on the 13th of August. The eyes opened yesterday. Weight: 35g Maxi
Maxi Maxi on the 15th of August.
Weight on the 14th of August: 36g
Weight on the 15th of August: 39g
Weight - 16.August: 43g
Weight - 17.August: 47g
Maxi during weighing procedure.
Maxi The feather quills break through at wings and tail on the 18th of August . Weight: 48g
Weight - 19.August: 51g Maxi
Maxi Maxi
Curiosity grows. Maxi is even heavier than his parents on the 20th of August (54g). Maxi
Maxi Weight - 21.August: 55g
Weight - 22.August: 57g
Weight - 23.August: 60g
Weight - 24.August: 59g
Maxi Maxi
Maxi Maxi
Weight - 26.August: 63g
Weight - 27.August: 64g
Weight - 28.August: 59g
Weight - 29.August: 63g
Maxi Stop of the weight measurements on the 30th of August with 63g.
Maxi with his parents in the nesting box: 01.September. Maxi with parents
Maxi Maxi is playing coltishly.
The meanwhile full-grown Maxi (right hand!) with his mother on the 03rd of September. Maxi with mother

Shortly after flying-out Maxi's "overweight" decreased on approx. 52 g. He can't be distinguished from his parents now.