A dedication to a lady called Catherine (Katharina) by the name giver could be the origin of the German name "Katharinasittich" as well as for the English denotation "Catherine Parakeet". Nevertheless, according to Strunden (1986) the nomenclature wasn't a dedication. He rather sees the origin at the Creoles in Mexico. Generally, they characterized parakeets as "Catarina", the smaller parrotlets as "Catarinita". Next to the names listed below, in Mexico the Lineolated Parakeet is still called "Catarina listada" or "Catarina rayada" (that means barred/striped Catarina).
Therefore, there was a misunderstanding in the naming of the Lineolated Parakeet.

As with most parrots, the scientific name of the Lineolated Parakeet "Bolborhynchus lineola" has a describing character. The Old-Greek word "bolbós" means something like bulb (comp. as well "Bulbe" in German for a determined corm). In contrast, "rhynchós", also of Old-Greek origin, describes the beak. So, Bolborhynchus simply means "bulb bill", characteristical for the species of the Thick-billed Parrots.
The additional term "lineola" for the species is derived from Latin. "Linea" is a line, so "lineola" or rather "lineolata" means a small line. Thereby it is mentioned, that the plumage of that Thick-billed Parakeet has got fine lines and stripes, too.
Thus, through its scientific denotation the Lineolated Parakeet is already described roughly. His most important and conspicuous characteristic features are already stated in his name.

The name in different languages:

Bolborhynchus lineola lineola
English: Lineolated Parakeet, Catherine Parakeet, Barred Parakeet
German: Katharinasittich, Katharinensittich
French: Perruche Catherine, Toui Catherine, Perruche rayée
Dutsch: Catharina Parkiet, Catharinaparkiet
Danish: Katharina Parakit, Catharina Parakit (sometimes as well Parakitt)
Finnish: Raitaaratti, Raita-aratti
Norwegian: Catharinaparakitt, Katharinaparakitt, Stripeparakitt
Swedish: Katharinaparakit
Polish: Stokówka prazkowana , Papuzka prazkowana, Katarzynka
Slovak: Papagájik pásikavý
Czech: Aymara pruhovaný
Hungarian: Katalin-papagáj, Katalinpapagáj
Italian: Pappagallini barrati , Parrocchetti barrati, Parrocchetto barrato
Portuguese: Periquito catarina
Periquito listado (or Perico listado; Costa Rica), Perico rayado (Honduras), Perico barrado (or Periquito barrado, Cotorra barrada; Spain), Cotorra rayada (or Cotorra lineolada, Cotorra catherine; Argentina), Periquito de altura (Nicaragua), Katarina (or Casal de Catarina; Brasil), Perico barreteado (Equador), Perico catarina (or Perico barrado, Periquito serrano, Cotorrilla en Chiapas, Lorito; Mexico), Catita Manchada, Catita Barrada
Japanese : Japan
Taiwanese: Taiwan
Chinese: China
Russian: Russian