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Diane McFarlane 12.09.2016 15:42

thank you for all this great information about these sweet little babies

David Hilton 24.12.2015 03:32

Such an informative site, thank you. It\'s good to read that there are others who care how we should keep Linnies in a humane and thoughtful way. They deserve to be cared for correctly since they give so much enjoyment to us.
I first kept Linnies 12 years ago and despite having other birds, even a blue and gold Macaw, my Linnies are still my favourites.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to promote the proper care of these special little characters, and for helping novice bird keepers learn the right way to enjoy their company and keep them healthy and happy.

Steve 29.10.2015 09:30

Love this site!!!

Great information and very helpful for me in raising my linnies.

All the best from Australia

U.Bindseil 28.02.2015 00:55

Hallo Familie MĂ€rz,
Sie haben hier eine tolle Seite, prall gefĂŒllt mit Wissen und Tipps. Man sieht zweifelsohne, dass Ihnen das Wohl Ihrer Tiere sehr wichtig ist. Daher erlaube ich mir, Ihnen einen Hinweis zu geben: Mir ist aufgefallen, dass Sie bei sehr vielen Fotos ein Blitzlicht verwendet haben. FĂŒr gesunde Augen Ihrer Vögel sollten Sie besser komplett auf das Anblitzen verzichten. Holen Sie sich fachmĂ€nnischen Rat von professionellen Fotografen, wie Sie auch als Laie tolle Fotos OHNE Blitz zaubern und vor allem ohne die empfindlichen Augen der Vögel zu schĂ€digen.
Viele GrĂŒĂŸe...

geoff 12.01.2015 14:36

great site. very happy with all the info placed here!
well done.

aaon hoyer 29.05.2014 16:57

die Seite ist echt toll
ĂŒbrigens ich halte meine 8 Kathis seit 3 Jahren mit einem Sperlingspapageienpaar und bis auf ein paar kleinen Machtdemonstrationen haut das zusammenleben super hin

Catherine Egli 08.05.2014 23:36

I\'m so happy to have found your website with so much practical information about these wonderful birds. So much info all in one place: you\'re wonderful !!
I might soon be getting my first pair of \"perruche Catherine\" as they are called in my area (french speaking part of Switzerland). I had a lot of trouble finding breeders in my country. Seems that there are very few :(
Anyway! Thank you soooo sooooo much !!

Diane 07.04.2014 15:12

Love my Linnies. Waiting to see if the breed for me

Sylvia Swann 19.03.2014 15:56

I have 2 of these lovely birds, 1 turquise & 1 ineo no idea of sex but 1 layed 3 eggs and within days they were gone there was no sign of them on the bottom of the cage.

Robin Bonney 24.02.2014 16:03


Hi All
I would love to buy a couple of pairs lineolateds, been trying to find some breders but no luck, please can anyone help me, interested in lutinos and cabalts.Going to Stafford bird sale 2nd March, hopfully might find some there

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