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According to § 5 passage 2 of the German "Teledienstgesetz" (TDG 1. August 1997) "service provider (...) are just responsible for offering third party website contents, if they had notice of the contents and if it was technically possible and reasonable for them, to prevent the use." (quoted and translated from § 5 passage 2 TDG)
I therefore declare, that up to the time of linking the websites these were free of illegal contents.
Furthermore I have no influence on the actual and future composition of the linked websites.

I'm always anxious to label texts or graphical material, which had not been created by me (quotations, references to people, who provided some material) and to post the authors of special publications (literature in terms of books, publications in journals, etc.) in the
Bibliography. If there should be any text or graphical material on, which is covered by a third party copyright, I will in case of unintended infringement of a copyright immediately remove the accordant picture or text from this website or will copyright it.
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The forum should be a place for information exchange. Postings containing heretical, insulting or defamatory statements will be deleted without prior consultation, the author will be removed from the forum without prior warning. I specifically reserve the right to change, add, delete or shut down parts of the forum or the whole forum without special announcement.

I reserve the right to delete postings from the guestbook if they contain heretical, insulting or defamatory statements. is on-line since 29.09.2002

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