The first import of the Lineolated Parakeet to Europe is dated to the year 1886 (Robiller 1986; Arndt 1986). In those days the London zoo kept some of these parakeets. Dathe (1983) and Pinter (1992) even state 1860 or rather 1862 as first date of import. The Lineolated Parakeet was not imported in a particularly large number. Fortunately, today the imports belong to the past (de Grahl 1985). As well wild caught birds got confiding by and by (Keidel 1972) and were adaptable concerning food (Aschendorf 1967). In the 70s the bird still had not become established in Germany (Prante 1975), which can be attributed to its inconspicuous nature.

As they are calm and peaceful animals, Lineolated Parakeets are recommended for keeping indoor or in outdoor aviaries. Their voice is pleasant and vocalisations sounds like reposeful, quiet chattering and warbling. Just in the mornings and evenings they are vocally more active. During flying around they keep in touch with their conspecifics.
As the Lineolated Parakeets, you can get in Germany, are no wild caught birds anymore for a long time, an accommodation in an outdoor aviary is also possible in the winter time. However, there should be a frost-free shelter, to which they can go, if required. Nevertheless, they need a familiarisation period to outdoor keeping over the summer time.
Low (1983) wrote: "It should be confessed, that Lineolated Parakeets seem a little uncomfortable when the temperature drops to about freezing, but many parrots do so. Assumed, that the aviary is appropriately protected, heating is not necessary. The first sight of snow by one pair, I once possessed, sent them into ecstasies of delight; they hung upside down from the perch, flapping their wings and opening them wide."
Weber (2002) could also report about such an unusual event. His Lineolated Parakeets enjoyed the trip in the cold even at temperatures of minus 17 degrees. "They pushed themselves penguin-like on their bellies through the snow, which they enjoyed visibly."
Arndt (1986) recommended a merely frost-free keeping of the Lineolated Parakeets as well, and considered heating of the indoor rooms as unnecessary.