Different thick branches (also branches with a diameter of 3 - 4 cm should be offered) as well as sleeping facilities belong to the interior decoration of aviaries. So, Lineolated Parakeets use offered nest boxes and sleep there in pairs or with their already raised offspring even outside of the breeding season. If you want to prevent couples from getting into breeding mood again due to the presence of nesting facilities after completed hatching, you can put up open sleeping boxes or protected corners with high-hanging branches.
As birds like to gnaw at the offered branches, you should take care that they are non-toxic. The following should be harmless:

In planted aviaries the birds like shady places. Furthermore, they use branches for climbing and walking and with it you mostly can watch the typical horizontal posture. So, branches with different thickness support not only the leg muscles and the equilibrium sense of the parakeets, but also the abrasion of the claws. These grow extraordinary fast at Lineolated Parakeets (Aschendorf 1967). On account of that, the keeper must take care that the claws do not get to long, because otherwise it could lead to injuries by getting stuck at the grating. Possibly, you must consider shortening of the claws.
As Lineolated Parakeets like to stay on the floor in outdoor aviaries, it is recommended to perform a "deworming" (with a vermifuge) once a year.

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