My Birds

I bought my first pair of Lineolated Parakeets in a pet shop, where I worked temporarily, in 1994. That couple was in a concussive condition, apparently kept under catastrophically circumstances at their former owner.
The claws of both animals were too long, partly twisted. Climbing was a torture, they got stuck everywhere. There were missing three claws, partly even the toes, at the female birds (
Momo), at the male bird (Max) "only" one. The plumage was scrubby and lacklustre, here and there missing completely. The hen also had no primaries, which additionally didn't regrow in contrast to the residual plumage. So Momo wasn't able to fly until her death. Also the behaviour of the two birds was alarming. If anybody came up to the cage, they simply "fell" of the perch, sat scared in the corner and shrieked.
I didn't want to accept, that something like this could happen to them again, so they moved into my home, where 4 budgies lived already.

The condition of Max and Momo got better and better after approximately half a year. A balanced nutrition made an impact, the plumage regrew densely and shiny, the claws were trimmed. Anyhow, Max and Momo kept suspicious of humans, they haunt the offered nest box not only in the night as a shelter.

After my A-levels I left my hometown Muenster (Germany), attending a "Voluntary Ecological Year" and then a training. Due to lack of space I couldn't take my birds with me. Fortunately my mother took care of them. The budgies moved 1999 into a great budgie-flock of a friend. But the Lineolated Parakeets I took with me after moving into a bigger apartment. I started reading the spare literature about Lineolated Parakeets. However, many things that were written there I could not reconcile with my observations.

Momo (she was 10 years old meanwhile, Max even 11 years) died suddenly and without any warning in September 2001. Max had been sitting beneath the cold body for hours, and was trying to wake up his companion by nudging and whispering. Even after removal of the dead bird he kept calling.
I never thought of that situation, if one of the birds would die. But looking at Max it was quite clear: he needs a new companion. Easier said than done. After endless hours looking for breeders in the internet and phoning, we found a "new" bird at least. Max' condition got worse from hour to hour. A vet diagnosed a bacterial infection, the immune system collapsed. Max was mourning.
On that day, the new Lineolated Parakeet should come, Max just sat on the floor, didn't eat anything and wasn't interested in his surrounding any more. It looked really bad. Nevertheless, I drove the 200 km to the breeder in the afternoon, but decided to take two Lineolated Parakeets. When I arrived home, I first had a look at Max. He was alive! The new birds were chattering, Max seems to hear them. He lifted his head shortly.
Ten minutes after returning from the breeder Max died in my hands, just two weeks after his beloved Momo.

Okay, there they were now,
Bo and Luna, moved in on October the 08th, 2001. I couldn't be happy anyhow.
I couldn't bear any more, to see the old cage, which Max and Momo used to live in. So Bo and Luna had to stay in their transport and quarantine cage firstly, and got a new, small aviary two weeks later.
Bo and Luna were curious from the beginning and showed an repertoire of behaviour I never had been able to observe at Max and Momo. My enthusiasm for Lineolated Parakeets and their extraordinary behaviour had been aroused finally.
I compared my collected observations, partly documented and supported by photos, again with the literature. Still there were discrepancies, so I decided to built up this website.

Three further Lineolated Parakeets followed on the 11th of May 2002,
Nele, Gizmo and Balu. Because of vehement conflicts both "parties" had to live in separate aviaries at first. So they could get in contact during the collective free flight.
Since the 18th of July 2002 my "little flock" inhabits a new, larger