Bo Hatched: July 2001
Colour: green (possibly split to turquoise)
Gender: 1.0
Parents: 1.0 green/turquoise; 0.1 green
Move-in: October 2001

Bo is the undisputed "sovereign" of the flock.
That wasn't always the case. In the beginning he was shy and reserved, both towards the humans and the budgies. Also curiosity was not one of his prominent features. So he got a little bit later tame than Luna.
After reaching sexual maturity his behaviour changed dramatically. "His aviary" was defended vehement against importunate budgies and at once he showed a distinct interest in his environment, especially while looking for possible "nesting places". Also, Luna wasn't his role model any more, of which he imitated everything, but his partner, who he went through thick and thin with from now on.
So this "new Bo" was the reason, why the move-in of the three new birds ended in a catastrophe. His territorial behaviour comprised not just the roost and the food containers, but the whole aviary, as well inside as outside. Also a complete change of inventory didn't ease the situation. Therefore a new aviary had to be built.

Bo Approximately two months later the indignation about the "new" birds vanished, so they could move together into a new, bigger aviary. Except from small conflict living together works quite good.
The only Lineolated Parakeet, Bo really hated, was Balu. After Balu moved out, Bo got calmer. Every bird in the flock adores Bo, even Gizmo. Nele flirted with Bo regularly, Feebee still does it. It's amazing, that Bo still can resist the "chat-up" of the little creamino-lady, but this is another evidence for the deep relationship between the partners.

Bo is a downright big exemplar of his species, with a lovely, emerald-green plumage. No claw is missing. For breeding purposes one could call him a "perfect Lineolated Parakeet".