Feebee Hatched: December 2001
Colour: creamino
Gender: 0.1
Parents: 1.0 cobalt/ino; 0.1 green/turquoise
Move-in: November 2002

First of all Feebee is - nearly - white. That's what the others noticed quite fast and got really shocked. They just fled from her during the first 10 days. This led to a few advantages for her, because she could eat and sleep without disturbances. But of course Feebee was looking for contact to her conspecifics, which sometimes ended in rapid pursuits. The bird, which "gave up" first, was Luna. These two sat together quite often. Soon Feebee was integrated into the flock. Just Gizmo, for whom I thought Feebee should be a partner, keeps out of her way. Feebee enjoyed the time with Nele, I could observe them very often sitting together, cuddling and preening. After Nele's death she was agitated, but now she often sits together with Bo and Luna. She loves to get a shower, and fidgets and stretches like a professional to get as much water as possible.

Feebee Soon after her move-in Feebee earned her nickname "The Elf", because her flights and movements look very gracile and elegant, carefully and like in slow-motion. But she seems to have problems with her coordination during landing and flying, because very often a bird already sits where she wants to land. That birds usually will be overrun without mercy. Also white door frames and other objects cause problems for her, so I assume, that might be the reason for her careful flight. I'm not sure, if she really suffers from impaired vision (which sometimes is said against Inos) or if this is just clumsiness.

Feebee was trusting right from the beginning. She took foxtail millet from me - if at least one of the other Lineolated Parakeets did this as well. She sometimes even tries to land on my hands to get some millet (with the above described complications).

Feebee is sized on an average and has got a proper plumage. Also the toes and claws are complete. Remarkably is just one "dent" in her back. This is only visible at specific body positions. I don't now the reason for that skeletal anomaly.