Gizmo Hatched: May 2001
Colour: green (possibly split to turquoise)
Gender: 1.0 (DNA tested)
Parents: 1.0 green/turquoise; 0.1 green/turquoise
Move-in: May 2002

Gizmo is the tamest Lineolated Parakeet in my flock. Before he arrived here, he experienced a lot. Hand raised he had been sold together with another Lineolated Parakeet (they should be a couple, where Gizmo should be the hen). By getting sexually mature both Lineolated Parakeets got aggressive towards each other, so Gizmo was given away. The new owner kept Gizmo together with a cockatiel as his "new partner". Also a Senegal Parrot and a Brown Parrot lived in that household, all hand fed. When the cockatiel died, the woman decided to sell Gizmo again. So he moved in a little bit later.

Although Gizmo is hand raised und therefore don't show any fear against humans, i.e. he likes to do some gymnastics on a shoulder, runs over desks and occupies sofas, he was absolutely afraid of hands. With a lot of patience and tons of millet we managed to built up that confidence again. Today he enjoys "fighting" against fingers and gets on hands without fear.

Gizmo When Gizmo moved in, he was able to whistle the first part of the "Kleine Nachtmusik" and to imitate coffee slurping. Also he tried to stay in physical contact with humans during the first days. When I left the room, he starts screaming for minutes. I ignored the screaming, but overpraised him, when he contacted the other Lineolated Parakeets. Two weeks later he didn't scream any more, but was well on the way to being a Lineolated Parakeet.
Now he don't whistles Mozart any more, don't slurps, but flies around with the rest of the flock. Just every now and then he lands on a shoulder, cuddles with "his" human being, and, if he wants to, lilts the most fantastic fantasy melodies.

Gizmo and Bo didn't like each other in the beginning. Now they cultivate a superficial friendship, which ends immediately, when they both want to eat or sleep at the same place. The other birds of the flock are more or less tolerated, he just seems to hate Feebee.
He loved Balu deeply. Between these two "men" developed a real partnership. But Balu wanted to break out of his "role as a hen", which led to increasing aggressions towards each other. After Balu moved out, Gizmo was calm and somehow "irritated" for days. He was looking for contact to humans, and even allowed me to crawl his head, which never would have been possible before. Because of his behaviour I bought Feebee, the Creamino hen, as a partner, but Gizmo was not interested in her. Meanwhile he got in contact to the rest of the flock again and usually can be found somewhere near Bo and Luna.

Gizmo is sized on an average, his plumage is shiny and complete. The outer, front claw of his left foot is stunted and doesn't seem to grow any more. His beak seemingly was injured and shows a fissure sidewise. This injury is growing out without problems. Remarkably is his partly unusual gesture and mimic (if one can call it this way), which he probably learnt during his time with the parrots.