In Memory of ..

Momo Hatched: February 1990
Colour: green
Gender: 1.0
Parents: unknown
Move-in: 1994
Deceased: 08. October 2001


Hatched: April 1991
Colour: green
Gender: 0.1
Parents: unknown
Move-in: 1994
Deceased: 28. September 2001

Max I already told about Max and Momo and their troubles in the introduction.
They had always been quiet and shy during the time they lived here. The relationship towards humans was quite bad from the beginning, especially Momo was scared or even panic towards humans.
Anyhow, after a few years they got used to the fact, that I had to change food and water regularly or had to clean the cage from time to time. Because they never left the cage, in these situations they resiled into their nest box, which was also used as a sleeping facility during the night. Only once the nesting box was used for its "real purpose". Momo laid 6 eggs altogether, which she incubated at first, but then destroyed them after at least 5 days. After this "miscarried reproduction attempt" they never tried that again. So I decided to leave in the cage throughout the whole year.
Due to the unnatural growth direction of some of the claws I had to cut them every second month. This procedure always was commented by both Lineolated Parakeets with loud clamour.

Hatched: April 2000
Colour: turquoise/ino
Parents: 1.0 turquoise; 0.1 lutino/turquoise
Move-in: May 2002
Move-out: 10. November 2002

Balu earned his nickname "Quax, der Bruchpilot" shortly after his move-in. Although he is a really versatile and skilful flyer, he quasi looks for obstacles. This seemingly is disagreeing, but could not be described in another way according to the observations.
Balu was the lowest in the hierarchy of the flock. Especially Bo, the dominant male bird, used to shoo him all the time. Sometimes he was supported by Gizmo, they were best friends. But also Gizmo sometimes hacked Balu, so most of the missing feathers on his head were Gizmo's "work".
Otherwise, Balu is cute and curious. He was a little bit shy towards humans in the beginning, but with the help of Gizmo that changed more and more. He took foxtail millet directly from my hand.
Balu The relationship to Nele, his biological mother, was split from the beginning. I could see them, cuddling each other, rarely even preening. But at the next minute Balu followed Nele with his beak wide open through the aviary and shooed her away from all places. The aggressive behaviour towards Nele got worse, so there were bad injuries in the end. Both this situation and the fact, that Balu got attacked by the other members of the flock, I decided in November 2002, to look for another flock for him. With a heavy heart I gave him to a friend with 6 more Lineolated Parakeets. Balu settled in very well.
I still miss him so much!

Balu is extremely small and has got an congenital claw defect at his right food. To speak more clearly, the outer back claw is completely missing. Also, the plumage was light and looked somehow "dirty". But after the last moult its condition got better.

Hatched: 1995
Colour: Lutino/turquoise
Gender: 0.1
Parents: unknown
Move-in: May 2002
Deceased: 16. October 2003

Nele was the "oldie" of my parakeet flock. She loved everybody and everything and didn't show aggression towards any creature. In the beginning she was attacked quite often. But after a while she was able to defend herself. She loved sitting together with Feebee and had her head crawled.
Unfortunately she was handicapped by her disability to fly, because the was not able to follow the other birds. So she sometimes sat alone, calling her companions. From time to time I acted as a cab, Nele jumped onto a presented branch and wanted to be carried around. I guess, the educated me well.

She took foxtail millet from my hand in the beginning. Because I had to catch her regularly to medicate her, she later got shy and kept a safe distance to humans. But I never could see that absolute panic towards humans, which I observed at Max and Momo.

Nele When Nele moved in, her plumage was scrubby, her primaries and tail feathers incomplete. This situation got better after the first moult. The primaries were regrown completely. Nevertheless she was not able to fly. I think, that this was lack of the necessary musculature and "training". The was practising constantly und even was able to glide 9 m from the 2 m high aviary. So I never lost the hope, that one day she might be able to fly. Unfortunately this didn't happen.
Nele's nape and back of the head were naked. Obviously the had been attacked and hacked by her former partner. A big scar on her head was evidence of a bad injury, which according to the breeder happens in a community aviary with other parakeets. Here and there new feathers were sprouting, but the head back remained bald.

When I collected Nele from the breeder, her claws were too long and twisted partially. One claw even grew straight, not as usual slightly bended. According to this the claws had to be shortened regularly. She always tolerated it, didn't bite or scream.
Because Nele very often tried to fly, it unfortunately sometimes happened, that the collided with various objects. Therefore she always had a damaged nose. These wounds had to be medicated regularly as well.

The state of health of the "older" lady got worse lately. First of all she lost feathers on the back and wings, as well as in the nape. She was calmer, slept a lot and looked apathetically. The staggering diagnosis of the vet: cancer. One tumour already was visible at one wing, others were assumed according to her bad general condition. To allow Nele to rest a little bit and to prevent the now undamped falls, I isolated her with acoustical and visual contact to her companions.
Because her condition got even worse after a meanwhile improvement (she was nearly completely feathered, new feathers were sprouting everywhere, she was cute and agile), I decided in October 2003 to save her from long lasting suffering and to let her euthanised.
Frodo Two days before the planned day I put Nele back into the aviary to her companions, so that she didn't have to be alone for the last days. As so often before she sat next to Feebee on the evening of October 15th, and enjoyed it to get crawled. They fell asleep in the evening, tightly snuggled together.
The next morning Nele was dead.

I'll never forget her, I miss her so much.

Because Nele was quite old when she arrived at my aviary, the planned socialisation was difficult. It should have been an older cock. After a long search I found a 4 year old green cock (Frodo) beginning of October. Nele and Frodo moved together into a smaller cage for familiarisation. They got along with each other quite well. This changed on that day, when the two birds should be integrated into the flock. Frodo bit anything that came in his way. Especially Nele suffers from that situation. The situation got unbearable for the birds and me, so unfortunately Frodo moved back to the breeder after just two months. This socialisation was a complete failure.
The harmony in the flock increased dramatically after Frodo moved out. Nele seemed to be more even-tempered and relaxed. I therefore won't start another attempt, to integrate another mature cock into the flock, as long as I am not able to provide the necessary space for the birds.