Neelix Hatched: April 2001
Colour: green
Gender: 1.0
Parents: not known
Move-in: 21. September 2003

Neelix moved in a few weeks ago, his partner Grisu died just a few days before after a bacterial infection. A microbiological analysis of his excrements showed, that he also had an increased number of Pseudomonas. Thus Neelix had to stay in quarantine and got some antibiotics for a while. He copes with that situation coolly, after prior scepticism and reserve. He twaddled the whole day, welcomed us, when we entered the room, and observed us carefully. I didn't want him to stay alone the whole day, so I sometimes visited him together with Gizmo, they chatted and ate foxtail millet together. Since he noticed, that he was not the only Lineolated Parakeet in that house, he really revived. This was a good development after his previous strong mourning because of the death of his partner.
Neelix The move-in into the aviary after another analysis (result: no more Pseudomonas) worked well despite my concerns. After the experiences with Frodo I counted on the worst, because Neelix was already sexual mature. But both Bo and Gizmo loved Neelix right from the start. At the moment Neelix mainly deals with Robin, they even share a sleeping box at night. Whereas he don't want to know anything about the two ladies Luna and Feebee.
Sometimes I think, that Neelix is swamped with Robin's temperament. After he followed him flying for the 20th time, he just sits down somewhere and calls for Robin. Nevertheless both can be observed separated only quite rarely.
Neelix is an absolute vegetable and fruit fanatic. You can find him at the "fruit bar" as the first in the morning and the last in the evening. His favourite vegetables are carrots. I wanted to use this preference during his antibiotic treatment. For support of the stressed organism I wanted to apply a recuperative supplement. For I didn't want to hold him always with my hands, I hollowed out a piece of carrot, filled in the paste and "glued" a lid made of carrot on that. He ate all carrot pieces, except for the filled one. And even when I only offered that one, he just ignored it. I never thought that he would be that mulish.
Neelix has got a wet eczema in/at one ear, which sometimes annoys him. Of course I will observe that.