29.06.2004: There are new pictures of edged Lineolated Parakeets on the
mutation pages!

11.01.04: The
"pied mutation", which is quite rare and as far as I know not established at the Lineolated Parakeet, now got an own category at the mutations. Probably some new information will be collected in the near future, so that we might be able to bring light to the darkness surrounding the pied Lineolated Parakeet one day.

05.01.04: There was a (translation) mistake in the
offspring calculation programme, which prevented the routine from working properly. The programme is fixed now and can be used for genetic calculations. We are sorry for that little breakdown.
Best regards, The Website Administrators.

31.12.03: Finally, since today the
English version of the website is on-line. The translation is not finished completely yet, but I hope, that the last gaps will be closed in the next few weeks.

Merlin 12.12.03: Male Lineo Merlin of
Gaby Schulemann (please also check: Merlin and Nimue) is looking for a new female companion. HERE you can find further necessary information in the form of a lovingly designed "lonely hearts ad" (German).
Addendum: At last Bianca, a little Creamino-hen, moved into Gaby's "bird home" on Sunday, the 4th of January 2004. We hope, that Merlin and Bianca will be a happy couple soon! All the best for their future.

30.11.03: Some of the fruits of the
fruit and vegetable list had been linked to photos. Still missing pictures will be attached in the near future, so hopefully the list will be completely illustrated soon.

24.11.03: A little excursion to the topic of "parakeet health" now exists
HERE, linked to some very informative pages in the WWW (bird health, illnesses and "emergency pharmacy").

23.11.03: The
mutation pages had been updated. There is also a page dealing with the new "edged" Lineolated Parakeets.

16.11.03: The website has been revised in optical form and content. The main changes are:

Kathi-Torte 29.09.2003: Today the website is celebrating its first birthday. Last year a lot happened, the pages changed, a mutation calculator and a forum had been added, and until today 10665 hits on the website had been counted.
Thanks to everybody, who encouraged us with kind e-mails and guestbook entries, to all the helpers and active forum members. We are looking forward to another, hopefully also successful year.

We are proud to welcome our 5000th visitor, who had a look at on the 8th of July, 2003. Thank you!

31.05.2003: Now you have the possibility of interactive information exchange on In the
forum you can post questions, answers and tips, or just chat a little bit.

12.03.2003: Questions and answers - in a nutshell:

26.01.2003: Attention - breeders and interested people! From today you can find a programme on the web page
"mutations" to calculate the possible colours of your Lineolated Parakeet offspring.

Monty & Joy - a successful socialisation.

Merlin & Nimue - a tragical story with a happy end.

On the 17th of December 2002 we could welcome our 1000ths visitor at
We thank you for your interest and the great response.