For nutrition support I provide the following additives:
  • Vitamins approximately once per week into the drinking water:
    Usually there are no extra vitamins necessary, especially during the summer, because the provided food in the form of fruit, vegetables and green stuff contains sufficient vitamins. But some parakeets consume less fruits, for instance. I want to avoid deficiency syndromes, so I provide a vitamin supplement (Vitacombex® V) once per week. The water with the vitamin supplement had been accepted without any problems.

    Vitacombex Eifutter
    Vitacombex® V
    CéDé ® egg food for parakeets
  • Egg food:
    Egg food is offered during breeding time preferably. You can offer it additionally for a supportive nutrition of sick or weak birds, for instance. Egg food is rich in animal proteins and fats and therefore an "energy cocktail", which helps the strongly claimed organisms to cope with physical stress situations like e.g. brood or illness.
    But because of its high content of energy you should not feed it every day. The birds would prefer that "easy" food and probably would get fat. Thus, like sunflower seeds and hemp the egg food belongs to the nutrition supplements, which should be rationed.

  • Divers mineral stones and cuttlebone:
    To meet the mineral requirements of the birds, you should provide commercial mineral stones and/or cuttlebones. If required the parakeets nibble at these stones and take up necessary minerals. You can find these important elements in bird sand and/or shell grit as well.

    Mineralstein 'Sepiaschale
    Mineral stone
  • Bird grit and crude bird sand:
    As already mentioned on the main page for nutrition, parrots take up little stones with their food, which support the digestion. You have to provide your pet the possibility as well. Thus I offer my Lineolated Parakeets both crude bird sand and a mixture of shell and bird grit at a place on the aviary. Thereby they have the possibility to take up small, insoluble stones as well as calcareous shell fragments, to allow a proper digestion and additionally an adequate supply with lime and other minerals.

    Crude bird sand
    Mixture of shell and bird grit