Fruit and Vegetables

Paprika Fruit and vegetable are a very important part of the nutrition of parrots. For many neo-tropical parrots the nutritional portion of fruit should be more than 50 %, so at the Lineolated Parakeets. Daily offer of diverse kinds of fruit therefore is essential for satisfied and healthy birds.

My birds favour apples. But I found out, that especially concerning fruits the preferences vary. Thus you just should try what's the taste of your birds. In contrast to other parakeet species Lineolated Parakeets try EVERY offered fruit first. Depending on their personal preference, they might eat it again or not. Like humans, Lineolated Parakeets favour special kind of fruit depending on their daily form, licking the last crumb off the plate today, and ignoring it tomorrow.

Fruit shouldn't remain longer then approximately a half day in the aviary. According to their high amount of sugar it tends to spoil quite fast. Furthermore the remaining fruit is a popular destination for fruit flies in the summer. It is better to offer just a limited amount of fruit, which can be consumed in about 6 hours completely.
Whereas vegetable could remain in the aviary longer. It desiccates and doesn't look very delicious any more, but it doesn't spoil that fast. And the birds like it anyway.

To give you an idea of the fruits and vegetables you can offer your parakeets and what kind of broad nutritional spectrum Lineolated Parakeets have, I prepared that list using following markings:
(/) = Not yet tried; this list will be updated by-and-by, so that marking hopefully will disappear soon.
(-) = Offered, but declared as "not eatable" by my parakeets (I keep on offering these fruits, so they might decide different some day, like they did concerning e.g. the tomato)
(+) = Okay, they eat it
(++) = They really like it!

(Be careful: Avocados are not only quite fatty but also toxic close to the core! Some fruits, especially citrus fruits, are rich in fruity acids; too much of that can lead to diarrhoea at parakeets.

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