Monty & Joy

"The unbelievable story of the little - no longer lonely - Monty".

Monty Hatched: March 2002; nature brood
Colour: green
Gender: 1.0 (according to the breeder)

Monty arrived at his new family in May 2002. Already two weeks later he was quite tame.
He shouldn't stay alone, so a partner was organised in August 2002. This Lineo was attacked right from the beginning, so the two birds had be separated again. Both Monty and the new bird seemed to be more than unhappy.
Fortunately the "new bird" was taken back by the breeder.
After that disaster Monty stayed alone for a while.
His obsession with humans got stronger and stronger, he got his way by screaming. Aggressions mainly were pointed against the male part of the family ("Combat pilot", Flying Fury"), but he bit everybody, who defied the will of the little tyrant. Quotation: "Concerning the behaviour he was more like a cranky Amazon."
After thinking about that situation the family decided, to start another attempt of socialisation. Joy (8 weeks, left in the picture below) should be female, whereas the gender of the firstly added bird was not known.

Monty and Joy Monty's behaviour changed on that day, Joy moved into the house (17th of October 2002). He was quiet and calm, no nervousness, just a short obligatory grumbling and threatening. Monty even tried to feed Joy through the railing of the two side-by-side placed cages.
The first contact without any cage bars between them succeeded unproblematic, a short "bill-to-bill" to say hello and then the first conjointly flight. Surely, the fact, that Joy showed no fear to humans was a great advantage.

4 days after that "first contact" Monty and Joy moved together into a new cage. They munch together from one cup, they crawl and cuddle like they did nothing else before.
Monty's aggression towards humans disappeared nearly completely, his tameness even deepened. Nevertheless, of course Monty kept some of his quirks. Quotation: "Joy is not allowed, e.g., to use HIS CHAIR, to climb HIS ROPE and less then ever to approach HIS SHOULDER he is sitting on. Joy has to look for HER OWN places. But apart from that everything is fine."

Monty and Joy, a really fantastic example for a working socialisation.

Monty und JoyMonty und Joy
Happy together: ...
... Monty (right) and Joy.

A great thankyou to Maria Cernic for the pictures!
All the best for the new couple.